Financial independence planning in 2023 – The Ultimate Early Retirement Checklists

January 30, 2023 Kathrin

Our first checklist with will get you started. We also created the 3L checklists to help you organize your life.

The first ‘L’ is Living Life. How do you plan around life essentials while reducing unnecessary costs? The second ‘L’ is Loving Life. Is the usually forgotten L. It’s not only about the destination, but also the journey and what defines you today. The third ‘L’ is Later Life. How to invest wisely for Early Retirement.

The Definitive Guide To Sustainable Investing

January 23, 2023 Raph Antoine

Introduction to Sustainable Investing including ESG, SRI or Green Investing. We also cover a summary of articles in this guide and highlight which articles may be useful for you depending on your objective and level of knowledge.