Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Overseas (Book Review)

April 7, 2024 Ahmed Safin

Expats face unique challenges – financial regulations of both their home country and the host country, different taxation regimes or currency risk. Offshore investment giants like Zurich or Generali International are there to benefit from this lack of knowledge.
Hallam uncovers their predatory behaviour, as high fees and hidden costs rob expatriates blind. A story reveals the stark reality: paying a $19k penalty was smarter than enduring daylight robbery, echoing a widespread financial deception faced by many.

Trillions – The People Behind Your ETFs (Book Review)

May 20, 2023 Ahmed Safin

The picture from the 5th Solvay Conference held in Brussels in 1927, is probably the finest collection of human brain power in the history of mankind. 17 of the 29 attendees, including Einstein and Curie, were or would go on to become Nobel Laureates. Unfortunately, the world of Finance lacks these selfless figures. Except that the 1970s saw the advent of the low-cost Index Fund.

What Is The Bogle Effect? (Book Review)

May 18, 2023 Ahmed Safin

There are a lot of misconceptions about Bogle, especially amongst his fans and the Bogleheads community.

Eric’s book is not a biography of John Bogle in the conventional sense nor is it an introduction to his claim to fame, that is, index investing.

Instead, the book may be characterized as an attempt to chart the impact the Bogle on the history of the mutual fund industry.

How to Get Rich (Netflix Series Review)

May 3, 2023 Ahmed Safin

Today, let’s look at why most people are so bad at managing their finances and where you and your loved ones can start to change it. This is a must-watch for those who are new on a journey but also, for those that are just minimising all spending, like some in the FIRE community, to postpone a rich life, that may never come.