Easy (and Boring) Money – How to reduce Withholding Tax?

July 29, 2021 Raph Antoine 15

To reduce the withholding tax, a global investor must choose an ETF domicile that has an advantageous tax treaty with the US, since US Equities have a weight of over 50% in global Equity Funds.

For European Investors, this domicile is Ireland with a 15% US withholding tax on US dividends.

bond etf return calculator - fixced income yield and price simulator

How to choose the Best US Bond ETF

July 15, 2021 Raph Antoine 20

Depending on whether you are saving for retirement or have retired already certain Bond ETFs may be more suitable than others.

Treasuries stabilize your portfolio. Once retired, you may think of earning additional income from Corporates.

Bond ETFs should match your time horizon and fit into your wider portfolio.