Barclays Smart Investor Review: Not A Smart Choice.

May 13, 2024 Francesca

Barclays Smart Investor is a relatively old school platform convenient for regular high net worth investors. However, for all other investors, it is overpriced. The only real justification to choosing it is the standing of the Barclays Group in the UK. However, there are competing Banks with similar standing offering better pricing. For example, Lloyds or Halifax offer lower custody fees.

Trading 212 Review: Pros & Cons

May 2, 2024 Francesca

Trading 212 is Tier 2 broker offering a diverse selection of products with highly competitive fees. It has established a partnership with Interactive Brokers to facilitate exchange access and custody services. Notably, unlike some competitors, Trading 212 makes securities lending optional, which we appreciate.

Halifax Share Dealing Review – Similar To Lloyds With SIPP On Top

April 30, 2024 Francesca

Halifax is an old school yet cost-efficient platform for regular investors with good ETF availability. It is an excellent option for investors wanting to sleep tight given the standing of the Lloyds Banking Group in the UK. As a plus compared to Lloyds Share Dealing (its brother), offers SIPPs and a mobile app that it is opened to every one.

DEGIRO Review: A Transparent Leader In Low-Cost Investing

April 29, 2024 Francesca

If you’re looking for a low-cost broker, and don’t mind paying marginally more than with its competitors, DEGIRO is a very good choice. The advantage? You invest your money with a more transparent broker than most VC-funded direct competitors that have just a few years of track record.

iWeb Share Dealing Review – Great For Inactive Investors

April 11, 2024 Francesca

iWeb Share Dealing is the typical boring, but cost-efficient platform with good ETF availability. But make no mistake, it is an excellent option for investors seeking a reputable platform who don’t invest frequently, as there are no custody charges. However, advanced investors might encounter limitations based on their sophistication and needs.

Freetrade Review – An ETF-Friendly Platform

April 5, 2024 Francesca

Freetrade markets itself as an ETF-friendly platform with very competitive pricing for SIPPs and General accounts. It caters well to investors who want a simple portfolio as well as investors that may be interested in trading on European and U.S. exchanges. More advanced investors may find limitations depending on their sophistication and needs.

InvestEngine Review – Decent Choice (For Beginners)

March 25, 2024 Francesca

InvestEngine offers competitive trading for ISA and General accounts, as well as a good range of ETFs. It caters well to buy-and-hold investors who want a simple portfolio. More advanced investors will quickly be very limited in their choices, as they can only trade LSE-listed ETFs.