The Millionaire Next Door (Book Review)

May 3, 2023 Kathrin

This book is a classic in the personal finance space.

In it, the authors detail what they have learned after interviewing countless millionaires and their families.
But are the concepts helpful in today’s world, 25 years later? And can European investors apply the lessons learned from American millionaires?

Just Keep Buying (Book Review)

May 3, 2023 Kathrin

What makes the book stand out? Our readers won’t be surprised to learn that most of Nick’s work can be found in other books we’ve reviewed. In fact, parts of the book have been published on Nick’s own Of Dollars and Data blog.

But with this new compendium, Nick adds some fresh perspectives.

Most importantly, he organizes the essential knowledge into actionable steps and does it in a pleasant way.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing (Book Review)

May 3, 2023 Kathrin

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle, published in 2007, is an account of why the author is in favor of using index funds when investing. In essence, the advice is simple: invest in a broad market index fund and hold for the long term.

But Bogle goes into detail about why such a strategy will produce above-average results and what factors affect your investment the most.

The Simple Path to Wealth (Book Review)

May 3, 2023 Kathrin

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins is designed as a one-stop roadmap to financial freedom.

Since its publication in 2016, it has sold over 400,000 times and been translated into several other languages, including Japanese and German.

Financial independence planning in 2023 – The Ultimate Early Retirement Checklists

January 30, 2023 Kathrin

Our first checklist with will get you started. We also created the 3L checklists to help you organize your life.

The first ‘L’ is Living Life. How do you plan around life essentials while reducing unnecessary costs? The second ‘L’ is Loving Life. Is the usually forgotten L. It’s not only about the destination, but also the journey and what defines you today. The third ‘L’ is Later Life. How to invest wisely for Early Retirement.

Personal Finance as a Gift – 12 Book Ideas for Christmas

December 23, 2022 Kathrin

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the challenge of finding a great gift for your loved ones.

Why not opt for a personal finance book this year?

Over the last few months, we have compiled reviews of some of the most helpful works on managing money effectively.

There is a range of content, appropriate for readers of different ages, in different situations, and living in various parts of the world.

Financial Jargon Explained By Kathrin

June 15, 2022 Kathrin

Personal finance can be confusing, especially if you’re new to it.

ETFs, Passive Investing, Permabears or FIRE – what do all the terms financial bloggers use actually mean?

When I first developed an interest in managing my own money, it took me several years to learn about the various concepts and strategies.

Now, I like to think I have a working knowledge of the most important terms.