Weekend Reading – Weak Currencies: How To Avoid Losses

September 1, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

▶ Should You Hedge Currencies?
▶ Should you have commodities in your portfolio?
▶ How Dividends contributed to total returns in different markets
▶ Why China’s economy ran off the rails
▶ Sector composition of the S&P 500 since 1985
▶ If the UK stock market is cheap, why doesn’t it go up?
▶ BRICS is fake

Weekend Reading – Best Bond ETFs & 9 Biggest Mistakes Millennials Make

August 18, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️ Market Cap (Weighted) Hated Indexes
➡️ Why Aren’t Investors Selling Stocks to Buy Bonds?
➡️ One of the best ways to build and maintain an investment portfolio is by stress testing different scenarios
➡️ No time to risk- how to pick a bond ETF for the long run
➡️ Visualising the $105 trillion economy in one chart
➡️ Why Aren’t Investors Selling Stocks to Buy Bonds?
➡️ Is Britain really as poor as Mississippi?

Weekend Reading – Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Overseas

August 12, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Overseas
➡️BlackRock launches Fixed Maturity Bond ETFs in Europe
➡️Wall Street Thinks You’re Dumb: The Rise Of Wise Money
➡️How To Determine Your Investment Risk Tolerance
➡️7 Things I Don’t Own in My Portfolio
➡️Vanguard’s perspective on the U.S. credit downgrade
➡️Why does the BlackRock MSCI World ETF exist?

Weekend Reading – Avantis Launches Small Cap International Stock ETF

August 4, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️ Do trend following managed futures impact safe withdrawal rates?
➡️ Is Cash the Best Insurance Asset?
➡️ Investment portfolio examples: asset allocation models for beginners
➡️ Exposing financial charlatans – the YouTube trading course seller
➡️ 7 steps to a better portfolio
➡️ For bond investors, near-term pain but long-term gain
➡️ Avantis Launches Small Cap International Stock ETF

Weekend Reading – How To Invest Like The 1%

July 29, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️ The risks of securities lending
➡️The top three misconceptions about the 60/40 portfolio
➡️Buying the S&P 500 today? Wait these 7 charts will change your mind
➡️Replicating Popular Investment Strategies with Equities + Cash
➡️Should you hold cash or bonds rights now?
➡️Dimensional files for Vanguard-style ETF share classes
➡️How to Invest Like the 1%

Weekend Reading – Liquidity vs TER: Vanguard On Real Cost Of ETF Ownership

July 21, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️ Liquidity vs TER: Real cost of ETF ownership
➡️ Planet Boglehead: Vanguard Struggles to Win Over the World
➡️ Live and Let Buy: Which Bond ETF Types For Your Objectives?
➡️ Gold prices – why didn’t they move over the past 2 years?
➡️ Should I Hedge With Non-Traditional Investments?
➡️ How well do commodities hedge against UK inflation?
➡️ Updated equity risk premiums & country premiums
➡️ When are rate hikes going to stop?

Weekend Reading – FAT FIRE: Guide To A Luxurious Early Retirement

July 14, 2023 Team Bankeronwheels

➡️ Fat FIRE: The Comprehensive Guide to a Luxurious Early Retirement
➡️How to Spend More in Retirement
➡️Show Us Your Portfolio – A sit-down with Larry Swedroe
➡️How America Saves? Vanguard’s in-depth analysis
➡️Do property prices really double every 10 years?
➡️Why “everything aligns” for Japanese stocks
➡️Congrats, you’ve just survived the longest bitcoin bear market ever