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Financial Coaching Sessions

This website was created to provide you with all necessary resources to invest without incurring any additional costs. It also helps to align your portfolio with best market practice. 

That said, I understand that sometimes individual sessions are very helpful.

Based on my readers’ feedback and demand for such coaching sessions, I have created this service, and it partially will help me amortize ongoing costs running this website.

We speak your Mother Tongue

The sessions are available in either:

  • English
  • French
  • Polish

We are still brushing up our German and Japanese skills!

We Speak your Financial Language

We adapt to your level of knowledge and complexity of your portfolio, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate investor. 

What is financial coaching?

Having an understanding of the resources that apply to you on this website and tailor it to your needs.

Are you a beginner?

Examples of questions

We will tailor the sessions and costs to make investing very accessible. No financial jargon.

Beginners often ask us: 
  • How do I reach my goals – What investments do I need to take into consideration for e.g. Taking a Sabbaticalbuying a House or saving for Early Retirement?  
  • When should I invest – I fear that investing a lump sum in this market may have a negative impact on my returns. How can timing of buying ETFs affect my performance?
  • How do I Invest – What are the pro and cons of investing with a Bank? Why should I diversify brokers?
  • What should I consider investing in  What are some risks of portfolio diversifiers like Gold or Crypto?
  • Avoiding Extra Costs – I have shortlisted a few ETFs, can you help me to compare them before I decide which one to buy?
  • Benchmarking – What are educated investors doing in a similar situation to mine?


Examples of questions

Answering these questions could help you avoid very costly mistakes:

  • Challenging My Portfolio – Here is my portfolio – what am I missing? What could derail my strategy?  
  • Accelerating My Understanding – What are inflation linked Bonds? How are they different to Nominal Bond ETFs? What makes them outperform? Why do some investors add small cap value stocks to their portfolios? I want to exclude Tobacco companies from my portfolio – what are my options? What is Factor Investing?
  • Simplifying Portfolio Maintenance – How can I diversify my investments? What is historically highly correlated so that I can consider removing it to keep my portfolio simple? How do I perform rebalancing? Does frequency matter?
  • Reducing Risks – I want to understand the risks of investments – what are the different measures and how does it impact me? What are the risks of different types of brokerage accounts?
  • Understanding the Impact of Recent Events – How do recent events impact my portfolio? What can I do to protect my savings from shocks? 
  • Investing Goals – I am investing for a specific goal e.g. Early Retirement, what is the research saying about e.g. the amount I need to have accumulated, how much can I withdraw annually? What are the assumptions/shortcomings of these models?
  • Comparing Equivalent ETFs – I have certain constraints in my tax-wrapper and can only select certain funds (e.g. I live in France and limited to specific synthetic ETFs). Which ETF characteristics should I pay attention to? 

What financial coaching is NOT

My goal is to make you independent, not to charge a fee for an advice or sell an investment product.

In plain language – I’ll help you understand investment better so that you can be prepared and informed when it comes to making your own investments.

However, I don’t offer advice so I won’t tell you what to buy or what to do with your money. That’s completely up to you.


Get a list of questions and we can go through them in detail during the session. I understand that every investor will have different needs and that’s why I tailor my session completely to the individual’s requirement. 

So whether you want to discuss your existing portfolio, gain the knowledge and skills to start investing, or simply have some specific questions you would like to ask me, a coaching session will be a good choice for you.


  • We will review your request.
  • We will then contact you to arrange a coaching session at a convenient time and request any additional details to prepare for the session.
  • In the meantime, please ensure you have read and agree to our coaching terms of service. 
  • For any coaching-related queries, please contact [email protected].


Sign up for a coaching session

You can pay to schedule a time that suits you. Once the payment is confirmed I will send you an email to schedule our session with a number of proposed timeslots.

I am quite flexible, especially on weekends.

The cost is €99

+ VAT per hour.

Before you proceed, ensure you have read and agree to the terms of service of the coaching sessions.

If you have any question prior to purchasing, do not hesitate to get in touch.