How to protect against Inflation

September 14, 2021 Banker on Wheels 10

If your portfolio is already set up to reach your goals and hedge against most risks, returns should offset any inflation in the long run.

But there may also be a chance that central banks won’t get the job done to slow down inflation. If you think that’s the case, extra protection may be worth considering.

Here are the best ways to protect against unexpected inflation.

bond etf return calculator - fixced income yield and price simulator

How to choose the Best US Bond ETF

July 15, 2021 Banker on Wheels 20

Depending on whether you are saving for retirement or have retired already certain Bond ETFs may be more suitable than others.

Treasuries stabilize your portfolio. Once retired, you may think of earning additional income from Corporates.

Bond ETFs should match your time horizon and fit into your wider portfolio.