Optimizing Your Portfolio – How To Pick The Perfect Equity ETF?

December 24, 2021 Raph Antoine 34

If you read about Investing from a US source you know how easy it is to invest in North America.

And yet in Europe and the UK, selecting an Equity ETF can be a bit of a different ballgame.

Not only is Europe more fragmented. For instance, the second-largest ETF provider in the US, Vanguard, doesn’t even cover 5% of the market in Europe. There are also oaspects like currencies or dividends.

But it’s also never been easier to buy ETFs. By doing some initial research you can avoid life-long fees charged by Robo and Human Advisors.

It will make you substantially wealthier.

Cycling Tibetan Heartland – A day from my diary

October 18, 2021 Raph Antoine 6

Tibet was the most rewarding part of all my cycling adventures, not only because of physical challenges.

Spiritual Tibet played a big role.

But I quickly realized other aspects that make it a unique place.

This region is the heartland of Nuclear China and a place with extensive minorities including Hui Muslims and Tu Mongols whose ancestors served in Ghenghi Khan’s army.

But China was also the most challenging country I have cycled in.

Cycling the World – A Practical Guide

March 5, 2021 Raph Antoine 12

While you may be here to read about investing, some of you were curious about ways to travel the world on a bike. But also to lower your cost of travel, in general.

Here are my key practical insights to get started.