Weekend Reading – Global ETFs: Amundi’s cheapest ETF challenges Vanguard & iShares

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People who have had success in other parts of their lives have difficulty accepting how much failure there is in the stock market.


Explain it to a Golden Retriever - A Review of Global ETFs (Banker on Wheels)

Which One Is Best? Today, for most Europeans the best UCITS ETFs are from the ‘Big 3’ Asset Managers. However, Amundi’s newly launched Global ETF is now the cheapest and is quickly becoming a serious challenger. UK Investors have a couple of additional Mutual Funds to choose from. Swiss and Elective Professional Investors can choose even cheaper ETFs domiciled in the U.S., and French investors may need to use synthetic ETFs.

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Portfolio Construction

Asset Allocation

Asset class correlations & portfolio construction (Morningstar)

After a dismal year in 2022, the plain-vanilla version of a 60/40 portfolio gained about 18% in 2023. Diversifying into other asset classes generally led to lower returns. This marks a reversal from 2022 when portfolio diversification was a net positive. A 60/40 portfolio improved risk-adjusted returns versus an all-stock benchmark in more than 87% of the rolling three-year periods starting in 1976.

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Understand Financial Markets

How To Invest

Improving investing outcomes by minimizing investor bias (Vanguard)

Given the complexity involved in investment decisions, it’s not surprising that investor bias can sometimes cloud decision-making. A myriad of investor biases exist. Three common biases, explored below, reveal how investors may think about, recall, and act on performance perceptions.

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Active Investing

Factor Investing

Eric Crittenden & Jason Buck Explain Why Best Investors Follow the Trends (Meb Faber)

Today’s guests are Eric Crittenden, CIO of Standpoint Asset Management, and Jason Buck, CIO of Mutiny Funds.

In today’s episode, we talk about the sentiment around trend-following today. We discuss optimal diversifiers for trend-following, how the Herschel Walker trade relates to portfolio construction, and if investors are as diversified as they think they are.

Discretionary Investing

Alternative Asset Classes

Real and alternative assets in focus in the strategic asset allocation (Amundi)

Real and alternative assets are attractive as they help enhance portfolio risk-adjusted returns. Investors will have to carefully calibrate their liquidity profile. Investors could consider a building block dedicated to Real and alternative assets, separate from the rest of their liquid assets.

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Wall Street



UK granting US-listed ETF equivalence more political gesture than meaningful (ETF Stream)

Industry participants have described the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) proposal to grant US-listed ETFs equivalence under its post-Brexit fund regime as a political manoeuvre that will afford few advantages to UK investors and receive limited appetite from US issuers.

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Wealth Management

Personal Finance



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IG Review: Good For Traders, But Investors Might Spin Their Wheels! (Banker on Wheels)

Our take: With average costs and poor usability for its investment services, IG is not a very competitive option for most UK investors. Long term investing is an afterthought in IG’s strategy and the services available for this purpose are somewhat disappointing as a result.Our assessment: IG scores 3.5 on an absolute basis, given average fees for general and ISA account, and prohibitively high SIPP costs. From a safety perspective, it does benefits from an Investment Grade Rating. In its category, it also scores 3.5.

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(Early) Retirement

Your Neighbors Are Retiring in Their 30s. Why Can’t You? (New York Times)

Even before he really knew what it meant, Allen Wong wanted to be rich. As a kid, he didn’t yet equate the word with “luxury” or “status” or “expensive things.” He didn’t think wealth would bring him 85-inch televisions and Jacuzzis, a one-of-a-kind rose-gold Lamborghini in the garage, a wearable Iron Man suit that shoots lasers — though he does, actually, have all of that now. What “rich” seemed to dangle was something simpler, more elementary, more a feeling than anything else: freedom from pain.

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Design Your Lifestyle


Bike to Fly: 9 Days of Bikepacking and Fly Fishing Through Patagonia (Bikepacking.com)

“Bike to Fly” is a new film by Will Phelps that documents nine days of fly fishing and bikepacking in Patagonia as part of Miles Sebald’s 30,000-kilometer ride from Alaska to Argentina. Watch the hour-long film here… Bike to Fly is Will’s latest film, documenting just a small portion of Miles’ 30,000-kilometer, 20-month bikepacking trip from Dead Horse, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Watch it below:

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The Future of Tech & Economy


Southeast Asia’s GDP Per Capita, by Country (Visual Capitalist)

In 1937, as America navigated the Great Depression, Russian-born economist Simon Kuznets presented a novel idea on measuring a country’s economy. And thus, gross domestic product (GDP) was born.

Nearly eight decades later, measuring GDP, and GDP per capita—which helps make data comparable between populations—has become a benchmark statistic to compare and contrast countries’ economies and productivity.

In this map, we compare Southeast Asia’s GDP per capita levels. Data is in current U.S. dollars, sourced from the International Monetary Fund’s DataMapper tool, last updated April 2024.

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Tech & Science

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