Investing Quiz


How much do you know about Investing?


1. Kumiko made 3 cash injections (totalling 184,000 Japanese Yen) to buy Japanese Stocks - (i) ¥60,000 in 1988, the day before the stock market crash and start of Japanese lost decades (ii) another ¥60,000 just before the dot Com crash of 2001 and (iii) final ¥64,000 before the GFC in 2008. How much is her portfolio worth in 2018 after accounting for inflation?
2. A 70% Stocks 30% Bonds portfolio would have generated an average annual return of 9% since 1976. What's the worse that could have happened to a Medium or Long Term Investor with this portfolio since 1976?
3. You can invest in two ETFs. The first ETF has a total expense ratio of 0.2%, the second ETF costs 1% per year. You contribute $50,000 initially and then $10,000 annually over 25 years. What was the opportunity cost in holding the second ETF instead of the first, the day you retire?
4. In the UK alone, how many brokers went bust over the past decade?
5. How many ETFs do I need to invest cost-efficiently and be sufficiently diversified?
6. What is true about a tailored portfolio?
7. What's the trade-off of Bond ETFs vs. Cash? When yields rise by 1%, my Bond ETF will...
8. What's true about Gold?
9. An ETF like the iShares MSCI World allows me to ...
10. Over the past two decades...