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When choosing a broker, investors face a myriad of considerations, from safety measures to fee structures and beyond. Bankeronwheels.com takes a unique approach to broker comparison, designed with the discerning investor in mind. Here’s how we guide you through making an informed decision.

Safe vs Cheap: Finding Your Broker Tribe

Brokers are usually bucketed together by comparison sites, that don’t have an in-depth knowledge of trade-offs related to fees, transparency and counterparty exposure. Most


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Guides & Methodologies

How To Choose A Stock Broker?

The Master Guide To Select Your Stock Broker in Europe and the UK

How To Choose A SAFE Stock Broker?

What happens when a Broker fails? How likely is it? Could it be yours?

How To Choose A CHEAP Stock Broker?

Certain Broker fees eat into investors’ wealth the same way as high TERs charged by Fund Managers.

Broker Categories & Landscape

Blueprint to understand the broker landscape in Europe & the UK

Are Zero Commission Brokers Really Free?

Read About Single Market Maker Brokers in Europe

Broker Scoring Methodology

Learn How We Assess Brokers, And How We Structure Our Review Process

Broker Reviews

Interactive Brokers

"For most individual investors, Interactive Brokers is simply one of the best platforms. While beginners might find its interface and features complex, the platform is a treasure trove for those willing to scale the learning curve. It is suitable for most passive investors."


"If you’re looking for a low-cost broker, and don’t mind paying marginally more than with its competitors, DEGIRO is a very good choice. The advantage? You invest your money with a more transparent broker than most VC-funded direct competitors that have just a few years of track record."

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Broker Fee Comparison Tool

Compare Overall Costs For Buy & Hold Scenarios