Below are some tools and equipment I frequently use.

This is not an endorsement of a specific platform or product

This relates to the fact that benefit of certain products and platforms may depend on (i) user needs, (ii) experience or/and (iii) personal preferrences. 

It does not constitute a validation of a product/service in terms of security/safety or any other risks. All platforms and services have their own risks and must be assessed by the user independently.

E.g. a platform for an advanced investor may not be suitable from a fee or sophistication perspective to a new investor. 

I will aim to review these produts in due course but wanted to list them here (i) for transparency (ii) because there are already resources available on and (iii) for some due to potential affiliate revenue that comes at no expense to the reader and marginally supports the website.

I have to date put over a year of efforts (1,000+ hours) into developing including lots of related expenses to make it user friendly without perceiving any revenues to even offset some of the rising costs. 

A sign up for some of the below may help me getting some equipment for my bike!

But a comment on any of my articles can be a great encouragment as well.

Read why I dedicate so much of my time to creating this resource for investors.


Interactive Brokers – my primary Broker (affiliate link)

SiteGround Hosting – hosts this website (affiliate link)


World Nomads – My travel Insurance (long distance cycling is an additional option).

MullVad VPN – I find this VPN simple and effective.

Bike Radar – Garmin Varia. (Amazon links here and below). Review is here.

Satellite communicationGarmin InreachReview is here.

WatchGarmin Fenix 5sReview is here.

TentHubba Hubba NX 2 Tent. Review is here.

Stove KitSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit. Review is here.

Sleeping bagSea to Summit Spark I to III (depends on warmth). Review is here.



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