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Weekend Reading is a collection of Investment Research and Lifestyle topics from all corners of the Web.We source the highest quality insights from Wall Street and Main Street that you may apply to your investment process. Unlike the rest of Bankeronwheels.com, this series is provided without additional guidance. As usual, everything is to be used at your own risk.  Below is the type of content we shortlist.

Invest Wisely section is dedicated to research on how to invest for the Long Run using Passive Investment Strategies. Read Topics related to (i) Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation (ii) Acting wisely by avoiding behavioural traps and also (iii) publications that help understand how financial markets work.

Active Investing section relates to improving your knowledge about active investing.  If you decide to sin, then sin only a little. Given ample evidence, combined active bets should be ideally a relatively small fraction of your portfolio. This section also includes Sustainable Investing. You can invest in a Socially Responsible way, but there are many ESG traps. Learn how to invest sustainably, and what it means for expected returns, with our definitive guide to sustainable investing

Personal Finance section is dedicated to UK and European Products. It can also touch on other European jurisdictions outside the Euro-zone.


The game of professional investment is intolerably boring and overreacting to anyone who is entirely exempt from the gambling instinct; whilst he who has it must pay to this propensity the appropriate toll



Exposing financial charlatans - the YouTube trading course seller (Bankeronwheels.com)

Financial charlatans pose a significant threat. The danger is twofold: they undermine trust in legitimate financial education and practices, and may severely impact individual investors’ financial plans and life prospects. It’s crucial to expose their practices and keep investors on alert. Nicola from Theitalianleathersofa.com blog runs through a fictive Q&A with a Youtube Trading Course Seller. It is loosely inspired by an Italian YouTube video he came across.[Read our article]

Should you hold cash instead of bonds rights now? (Peter Lazaroff - 7 min)

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The primary purpose of bonds is to reduce the overall volatility of the portfolio, but as we saw in 2022, that doesn’t mean they can’t lose money. In fact, 2022 was the worst year for bonds in US history. And now that we’re in a new period of higher interest rates on money market funds, CDs, and short-term Treasury bills, its quite noticable that an increasing number of people are wondering whether they should hold cash instead of bonds.


The Top Performing S&P 500 Sectors Over the Business Cycle (Visual Capitalist)

The business cycle fluctuates over time, from the highs of an expansion to the lows of a recession, and each phase impacts the performance of S&P 500 sectors differently. And though affected sectors have different levels of average performance, any given period may see the outperformance of certain sectors due to external factors, such as technological advancements or high-impact global events (i.e. global pandemics, international conflicts, etc.)This graphic uses data from SPDR Americas Research to show the top performing sectors through the business cycle over almost 70 years. Overall from December 1, 1960 to November 30, 2019, the dataset covers: 7 recessions, 7 recoveries, 12 expansions and 11 slowdowns.

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Active Investing

FACTOR investing

Do trend following managed futures impact safe withdrawal rates? (Alpha Architect)

In a very simplistic way, one can think of your portfolio, like a baseball team:

Stocks would be your home run hitter who strikes out a lot and play first base — they can produce some great offense, but not much with respect to defense.
Bonds are like a great defensive shortstop: mediocre at hitting, but they are on your team to play defense.

Read more on Alpha Architect

discretionary investing

Josh Wolfe on where investors will make money in AI (Bloomberg - 58 min)

We’re in the midst of an AI mania of sorts. In public markets, investors are placing bets on the companies perceived as being the winners of this new wave of computing. Companies that aren’t even in “tech” are touting their AI bonafides. And of course, in private markets, every venture capitalist suddenly seems to be pivoting to AI in some way or another. But who will actually win?






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Wealth Management

Early Retirement



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Personal Development

Naval Ravikant - The 6 BIGGEST Middle Class Habits Keeping You in the Rat Race (Naval Ravikant)

Naval digs deep into psychology of status, materialism, beliefs and much more that is keeping you down.

Health & Wellness


Mapping Working Hours & Salary Across The OECD countries

At the top is Mexico, where the average worker clocks over 2,000 hours per year. This reflects the country’s labor dynamics, which typically involves a six-day workweek. For context, 2,128 hours is equal to 266 eight-hour workdays. The only other country to surpass 2,000 annual hours worked per worker is Costa Rica, which frequently tops the World Economic Forum’s Happy Planet Index (HPI). The HPI is a measure of wellbeing, life expectancy, and ecological footprint. Looking at the other end of the list, the two countries that work the fewest hours are Germany and Denmark. This is reflective of the strong labor laws in these countries as well as their emphasis on work-life balance.

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Interactive Brokers




Our interactions with hundreds of investors revealed two trends: Index investing forms the backbone of their portfolios, and Interactive Brokers emerges as the go-to platform for a majority of investors.


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


Why Oppenheimer deserves his own movie (Veritasium - 33 min)

“If you want to learn more about Oppeheimer, I strongly recommend the book “American Prometheus” By Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin. It is a remarkable book, very much deserving of the Pulitzer prize it received”

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