Weekend Reading – BlackRock Launches New iBonds, Truth About €1M Broker Insurance & BOW is 4 years old!

Weekend Reading – BlackRock Launches New iBonds, Truth About €1M Broker Insurance & BOW is 4 years old!

Weekend Reading is a collection of Investment Research and Lifestyle topics from all corners of the Web. We source the highest quality insights from Wall Street and Main Street that you may apply to your investment process. Unlike the rest of Bankeronwheels.com, this series is provided without additional guidance. As usual, everything is to be used at your own risk.  Below is the type of content we shortlist:

The function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.


4 Things I Learned In 4 Years Of Running A Finance Blog (Banker on Wheels)

When I launched Bankeronwheels.com four years ago, my ambition was to spread knowledge to a diverse audience. But over the years, I’ve noticed that we inevitably also attract like-minded people. Part of our audience are wealth management firms, aspiring financial planners, investment bloggers, and entrepreneurial spirits alike. If that’s you, this article is dedicated to you. Here are the four takeaways from four years of blogging.

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Portfolio Construction

Asset Allocation

Positive stock-bond correlation: portfolio construction implications (PGIM)

As part of PGIM IAS’s ongoing research on strategic portfolio construction, we have explored the macro drivers, global linkages, and portfolio construction implications of stock-bond correlation.This paper builds on our previous research and addresses what elements of the current economic landscape we think ought to be top of mind for asset allocators and risk managers.

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Small stocks, big problems (FT.Com, Click On First Link)

A truism of finance is that risk and returns are correlated. The stocks of smaller companies therefore do better than bigger ones in the long run. This is a foundation stone of both investment theory and practice. Sure, they are more volatile and they can suffer long stretches of dismal performance — such as in the 1960s and late 1990s. But, over time, “small-capitalisation” stocks trump larger stocks in every single major market studied by academics over the decades. Across the world there are hundreds of billions of dollar invested purely on this basis.

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Professor Kenneth French on Risk, Return, and Rationality (Meb Faber - 54 Min)

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Today’s guest is Professor Ken French, the Roth Family Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He’s written some of the most influential papers in finance alongside former podcast guest, Professor Eugene Fama. In today’s episode, Ken shares what topic he and Professor Fama disagree on. 

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Active Investing

FACTOR investing

discretionary investing

The AI Bubble Thesis with Doug Clinton (Excess Returns - 60 Min)

AI stocks have seen a big run recently. This has led many fundamental-based investors to suggest that things have gotten ahead of themselves. Some have even suggested AI is already in a bubble. But what if we are still in the early innings? What if a bubble is just getting started that could eventually exceed the dotcom bubble? Those are the questions we tackle this week with Deepwater’s Doug Clinton.


Private Equity: Excellent Report Commissioned by Norwegian Ministry of Finance (MSCI)

In Section I of this paper, we describe the evolution of the global market portfolio, a theoretical portfolio that includes investment assets worldwide, weighted according to their market values. In Sections II and III we zoom in on two sub-categories of the global market portfolio: private-equity markets and Chinese public-equity markets, respectively. We discuss the main characteristics of those markets
through our equity and private-capital solutions.

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Visa Inc. - World’s Largest Credit Card Company | A Finance Documentary (FinAIus - 39 Min)

Meet The King of Credit Cards – the world’s largest credit card company! This is the story of Visa’s ascent to global dominance in the financial world. Exploring its origins, innovations, and controversies, we will have an insightful look into the power dynamics and challenges within the credit card industry, highlighting Visa’s unparalleled influence and impact.



Money, Ego and Deception at FTX (Bloomberg - 1 Hr 48 Min)

RUIN is a feature documentary about Sam Bankman-Fried and the stunning collapse of his cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, as narrated by Bloomberg journalists and some of the central players in the rise of digital assets.
On Nov. 2, 2023, Sam Bankman-Fried was found guilty in Manhattan federal court of seven counts of fraud and conspiracy.
On March 28, 2024, Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He plans to appeal.



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BlackRock expands fixed-maturity range with US Treasury and Italian BTP ETFs (ETF Stream)

BlackRock has expanded its fixed-maturity iBonds range with the launch of US and Italian government bond ETFs. The iShares iBonds Dec 2027 Term $ Treasury UCITS ETF (27IT) and the iShares iBonds Dec 2029 Term $ Treasury UCITS ETF (29IT) are listed on Euronext Amsterdam with total expense ratios (TERs) of 0.10%. 27IT and 29IT track the respective 2027 and 2029 maturities of the ICE Maturity US Treasury UCITS indices which offer exposure to US Treasuries that mature on a defined date. 

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New UCITS ETF launches

1Amundi Prime All Country World UCITS ETF0.07%IE0009HF1MK9
2Xtrackers MSCI World ex USA UCITS ETF 1C0,16%IE0006WW1TQ4

Overview of the US and European ETF markets by leading Issuers. (ETFBook)

ETF Book Provided an updated overview of the US and European ETF markets by leading Issuers. US ETF market: AUM $7.96 trillion – European ETF market: AUM $1.81 trillion. iShares is leading in the US, but Vanguard is closing the gap. In Europe, iShares is much more dominant.

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BlackRock is set to launch ten ETFs focused on Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). Ranging in maturity from 2024 to 2033, these ETFs will seek to provide inflation protection to investors concerned with erosion of purchasing power. The new TIPS-defined maturity bond ETFs will carry an expense ratio of 0.1%. [ETF.com]

Wealth Management

Personal Finance

The Truth About €1 Million Broker Guarantees (Banker on Wheels)

This is part 4 of Bankeronwheels.com Definitive Guide to choosing a Stock Broker.

In part 3 of our ultimate guide to choosing a Stock Broker, we explained why in the EU, Broker protections are inadequate. Certain brokers subscribe to a private insurance to provide a higher protection level.

Today, let’s look at what these protections are really worth.

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Dodl By AJ Bell Review – AJ Bell’s Younger Brother (Banker on Wheels)

Our take: If you’re just starting to pedal into the world of investing with small stakes, Dodl could be your ride partner, all while drafting behind its big bro, the Tier 1 brokerage powerhouse, AJBell. But while AJBell rides a well-marked route, Dodl seems a bit lost, like a cyclist without a GPS. And let’s be real—no other broker in the peloton charges a 0.15% custody fee. That’s like breaking away from the pack, but in the wrong direction!

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Early Retirement

Health & Wellness


Interactive Brokers




Our interactions with hundreds of investors revealed two trends: Index investing forms the backbone of their portfolios, and Interactive Brokers emerges as the go-to platform for a majority of investors.


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 



Of Resilience and Hope: The Story of Teruel (Video) (Bikepacking.com)

Tristan Bogaard’s latest video is a meditative tribute to the beautiful new 600-kilometer Of Resilience and Hope bikepacking route in rural Spain and the challenges and opportunities designer Ernesto Pastor aimed to bring to light in creating it. Find the calming six-minute video with an introduction by Tristan here…

Words, photos, and video by Tristan Boggard.

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Personal Development

Modern Dating, New Breakthrough Treatments for Anxiety, Bitcoin ETFs (The Tim Ferris Show - 1 Hr 13 Min)

Live 10th Anniversary Random Show with Kevin Rose. As many listeners know, Kevin was my very first guest for episode 1, way back in April 2014.

We explore What’s Next, Testing Ozempic, Modern Dating, New Breakthrough Treatments for Anxiety, Bitcoin ETFs, Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul, and Engineering More Awe in Your Life

Tech & Economy



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