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Bankeronwheels.com (“BOW”) is quickly establishing itself as a leading Investing and Personal Finance website for Global Investors that invest through European and UK Investment platforms and products. 

This website aims to offer a mix of comprehensive and accessible Investing Guides and Lifestyle Insights for Do-It-Yourself Investors.


  • Our mission is to empower all types of investors by creating intuitive guides that can be trusted, in an industry where intellectual honesty is rare.
  • While some of our readers are amongst the smartest, our goal is to follow wise investing which allows benefitting from stock market returns without significant knowledge, so that you can spend time on activities that matter more in life.¬†
  • We base our research on empirical evidence and strategies that, in the long run, tend to outperform most investors, including simple index investing or factors researched by Nobel Laureates.
  • We have been featured and referred to by the Financial Times, Dow Jones’ Factiva, Ritholz Wealth Management, foundations that promote Financial Literacy and the most prominent Personal Finance websites.
  • We have a dedicated page to¬†our team.
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OUR Mission

Bankeronwheels.com’s mission is simple.¬†Our vision is to make a small bike the symbol of resources investors can trust in an industry where intellectual honesty is rare.

Wisdom is knowing the long-term consequences of your actions.

Naval Ravikant

WhY IS BankeronWheels.com DIFFERENT?


Given our focus on evidence-based investing, our readers tend to be some of the most educated. But Bankeronwheels.com is not about making you the smartest investor. 

Because markets often punish clever investors, and reward patient ones, we emphasise wise investing.  In the long run, wise investing outperforms smart investing.

We Aim For the highest Quality and rigour.

Our research is backed by decades of brain power, including:

We bring this knowledge in an accessible way. However, we make no compromise on quality and assess available products by using our Wall Street experience and rigour.

We Focus On What Truly MatterS.

While many investment sites highlight returns, we lead with risk management and safeguarding your savings. Raph’s investment career¬†began with clearing up the toxic remnants of the 2008 crisis and navigating the 2011 European Debt Crisis.¬†As Buffett notes, “To succeed in investments, you must first survive.”

Every investor faces market risk, but many other risks can be mitigated:

  • Optimize asset allocation to prevent panic selling.
  • Sidestep losing strategies.
  • Shield your portfolio from inflation and currency risk.
  • Choose a trustworthy stockbroker.

It takes a huge investment in introspection to learn that the thirty or more hours spent ‚Äústudying‚ÄĚ the news last month neither had any predictive trading ability nor did it impact your current knowledge of the world.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets

This is how we roll.

1.  We believe in Accessible financial Education.

Currently, two-thirds of adults are financially illiterate.  But understanding and setting up a simple and efficient portfolio should be easy. 

2.  We Empower You To become Autonomous, No Matter your Background.

We want to inspire critical thinking, given the financial industry’s tendency to make false promises.¬†¬†We also believe most investors are better off without typical financial advisors that overcharge and invest in the wrong products.¬†We have created three characters depending on your goals :¬†The Golden Retriever (Investing that doesn’t require knowledge),¬†The Cyclist (to create a customized portfolio) and The Banker (Factor Investing).¬†

3. We like Simple, cheap and intellectually honest Investing.

It may sound¬†counterintuitive, but¬†you can construct a robust portfolio and reap benefits from investing without much technical knowledge.¬†It’s the first misconception in investing. Since most of our readers seek passive income and try to gain control of their time, we focus on simple investing, that you can set on autopilot.¬†

4. Our B.S. detector is pretty well-tuned. No compromise on quality.

Given our combined multi-decade experience in Portfolio and Risk Management, we can sense false promises and unsound strategies.  We take no prisoners Рespecially from Wall Street. We rely only on the most credible sources and write about time-tested strategies. We also set up an Investment Research Review Panel to ensure the highest quality resources.

5. We Value your Time.

We choose wisely the topics we cover. We focus on things that are in your control, e.g. asset allocation, optimizing ETF selection, lowering fees or taxes.  Aspects that are guaranteed to make a difference. It will lower your stress levels, give you more optionality, and help you live your best life. We know that most market news is noise, that distracts and has no impact on your investment returns.  But it makes you lose your most precious resource. Time. 

6. The Financial Industry Wants you to be Confused. We Aim for Transparency.

The industry and media have a financial incentive to keep investing opaque and leave investors confused, focusing on things that they cannot control by, for example, increasing the numbers of trades they make. We aim to disrupt this trend and make investing transparent. Since this is our core belief, we also provide full transparency on how we operate.


Since its recent launch, Bankeronwheels.com has been featured and referred to, on numerous occasions, in:

  • The Financial Press including The Financial Times¬†and Dow Jones’ Factiva.
  • Leading Wealth Management Industry websites including¬†Ritholz Wealth Management, Ben Carlson’s A Wealth of Common Sense¬†or Abnormal Returns.
  • Non-profit Foundations that enhance financial literacy, education, and empowerment including the Plutus Foundation.
  • Investing¬†Magazines and Portals¬†including¬†The Motley Fool or DIY Investor Magazine.
  • Most Influential Personal Finance Platforms including Apex Money,¬†Detailed.com,¬†WealthTender.com,¬†Physician on Fire,¬†Camp Fire Finance,¬†Fire Hub EU,¬†¬†Personal Finance Blogs¬†,¬†Sovereign Quest¬†or Monevator.


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