Cycle the World

Unlike the rest on the website, this Blog Section is a very personal mix of insights. They include investing principles but are often related to my recent world cycling adventure.


Find inspiration for your next destination!

Financial Independence

Cycling the World – A Practical Guide

While you may be here to read about investing, some of you were curious about ways to travel the world on a bike. But also to lower your cost of travel, in general.

Here are my key practical insights to get started.

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Advanced Investing

How to invest in stocks during a Market Crash?

These are the 10 Rules they have learned
During the March Stock Market Crash pretty much all my family members and some of my friends asked me how to invest in stocks. Given the current market turmoil, there is an increasing appetite for buying stocks. This is what you need to know should another crash materialize (e.g. should the liquidity problems turn into solvency problems in the wider economy later this year)

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