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I only start counting [sit ups] when it starts hurting because they're the only ones that count. That's what makes you a champion.


9 charts that spell disaster for your cousin’s stocks (Banker on Wheels)

Trying to beat the market is an entertaining activity. It may look easy. But, what if you’re getting yourself into an investing minefield? What’s the potential damage if you pick a loser? Especially if you do it in an overheated market? Sure, your stock-picking cousin may get lucky in the short term. But, here are nine charts showing why – in the long run – he will underperform.

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Portfolio Construction

Asset Allocation

Do you really need a separate allocation to real estate in your portfolio? (Morningstar)

Real estate as an investment asset can take many different forms. In this article, I’ll focus mainly on real estate investment trusts and REIT funds, which are the most liquid type of real estate available to the average investor. In contrast to buying real estate directly, REITs don’t involve an extra operational burden of maintaining the property over time. But, there are issues with it as well.

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The Largest Gold Reserves, by Country (Visual Capitalist)

Gold remains an important store of value, serving as a hedge and retaining value during economic crises. In 2023, amid uncertainty about US interest rates and continued geopolitical risks, the metal once again demonstrated its importance by hitting a new record in December.

This graphic, by Sam Parker, displays the top 11 countries by gold reserves as of September 2023, based on data from Central Banks, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Gold Council.

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Principles for investing success in four figures (Vanguard)

The start of the year is a great time to get aware of and aligned with the four Vanguard-recommended principles for investment success. Our principles focus on the things within your control, so you can create an actionable plan that takes you closer to your goals, one step at a time.

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As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 

Active Investing

FACTOR investing

Joachim Klement about the death of small cap investment research (Free Money - 1 Hr 14 Min)

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This one is jam-packed with a variety of topics which range from structural differences in growth between Europe and the U.S to Joachim’s fascinating concept of industry “Cassandras”. Plus, we have the usual beloved banter, industry updates, and burning questions from listeners just like you. Tune in to cash out!

discretionary investing


GMO’s Vandersteel on a “Once-in-a-Generation” Opportunity in EM Debt (Meb Faber - 56 Min)

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In today’s episode, we dive into Tina’s teams’ recent piece about what they call a possible “once-in-a-generation opportunity” in emerging market local currency debt. Tina gives a great overview of the emerging market debt asset class, and then we dive into the reasons behind her team’s call. She shares why today is reminiscent of 2004 and how she thinks about things like liquidity panics and sanctions risk. 








Emerging emperors: BlackRock MSCI vs Vanguard FTSE (ETF Stream)

After a ‘lost decade’ spelled triple-digit underperformance for emerging markets, investors hunting for diversification and a comeback in developing economies may seek out ETFs such as those offered by BlackRock and Vanguard. 

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Overview of the US and European ETF markets by leading Issuers. (ETFBook)

ETF Book Provided an updated overview of the US and European ETF markets by leading Issuers. US ETF market: AUM $7.96 trillion – European ETF market: AUM $1.81 trillion. iShares is leading in the US, but Vanguard is closing the gap. In Europe, iShares is much more dominant.

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BlackRock is set to launch ten ETFs focused on Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). Ranging in maturity from 2024 to 2033, these ETFs will seek to provide inflation protection to investors concerned with erosion of purchasing power. The new TIPS-defined maturity bond ETFs will carry an expense ratio of 0.1%. [ETF.com]

Wealth Management

Personal Finance

Our Broker Review Methodology (Banker on Wheels)

When choosing a broker, investors face a myriad of considerations, from safety measures to fee structures and beyond. Bankeronwheels.com takes a unique approach to broker comparison, designed with the discerning investor in mind. Here’s how we guide you through making an informed decision.

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10 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor (Pension Craft - 17 Min)

When it comes to investing many people prefer to do it for themselves but there are times when you might want to get advice from a professional. So if you are going to use a financial adviser, in this video I cover 10 questions that you should ask them to make sure that are a good fit for you and that you are going to be happy with the service they provide as they can often be expensive so you don’t want to make a mistake!

Early Retirement

The US stock market rally is fuelling another wave of early retirement (Yahoo Finance)

Economists long expected the share of retirees in the population to soar as baby boomers aged. Covid-19 then caused the number to spike well beyond expectations, a surge dubbed the “Great Retirement Boom.” But just as they seemed to be coming back down, the numbers surged again in recent months, reaching a post-pandemic record in December.

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As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


As of 29/03/2024, Interactive Brokers offers rates up to 4.738% (GBP), 3.445% (EUR) and 4.83% (USD) on cash. 


Personal Development

How to Embrace Slow Productivity, and Defend Your Time (The Tim Ferris Show - 2 Hr 19 Min)

Cal Newport is a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, where he is also a founding member of the Center for Digital Ethics. His books have sold millions of copies and been translated into over forty languages. He is also a contributor to The New Yorker and hosts the popular Deep Questions podcast. His new book is Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout.

Health & Wellness

CAREERS & Entrepreneurship

Magnus Grimeland about building a a global startup platform. (Capital Allocators - 1 Hr 8 Min)

Magnus Grimeland is the CEO and founder of Antler, one of the world’s largest day zero investors. Magnus founded Antler in 2017 after serving as the co-founder of Zalora, a tech-enable fashion brand in Asia. Our conversation covers characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and the process for building the infrastructure for founders to solve important problems in the world. 


Crossing Tusheti – A Bikepacking Adventure in Northern Georgia (Film) (Bikepacking.com - 28 Min)

Tusheti National Park in northern Georgia and its trails are better known among hikers, but Sabine Schipflinger and Henna Palosaari decided to try bike packing through it with full-suspension mountain bikes. “Crossing Tusheti” documents their 180km journey over the 3,000m high mountain passes, lush green meadows, pristine beauty, remote mountain villages and countless switchbacks.

Tech & Economy



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What’s The Future For Bankeronwheels.com? 2023 Year-end Survey Results. (Banker on Wheels)

Bankeronwheels.com, born during the COVID pandemic, began as a personal blog blending cycling with investing insights.
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