– TOP 10 in 2021's TOP 10 in 2021

2021 marked the first full calendar year of

The website has grown significantly and generated a 400% traffic increase over 2020 (beating Bitcoin 😊). 

Reader interaction hit a new level with close to 1,000 post comments and countless emails that inspire me in ways we can help you reaching your goals. 

Trully appreciate all your support. Every single message means a  lot.

While most the content is still relatively new, a few pieces have generated significant interest in 2021. 

I have tried to select the TOP 10 amongst them, in case you missed some.

I broadly bucketed our work into four categories:

  • Investment Guides – Are high level  overviews of some key Investment topics including concepts like portfolio protection, long term portfolio construction or asset class returns.
  • Technical Deep Dives – Topics that are slightly more hands-on  and perhaps more interesting from a DIY investors’ perspective that want to have a better grasp of e.g. ETF or Broker selection but also how the Index landscape looks .
  • Book Reviews – Kathin and I have started a number of Book Reviews that are a great first step for new investors.
  • Blog Posts – Are my personal insights. A Banker turned World Cyclist shares his perspectives and thoughts related to adventure cycling and Investment Principles.

Thank you for reading. We wish you again all the best in 2022.

Happy Investing and keep’em* rolling !

(* Wheels & Dividends)  


The Long Game – Historical Market Returns & 2022 Expectations

2021 Asset Class Returns Review and 10-year Long Term Returns Study.

Over the past decade, World Equities gained over 320% and returned 12.4% annually.

It’s probably also time to rebalance your portfolio. Sell some of the winners, buy some losers.

In fact, this is what Vanguard’s model implies.

Vanguard LifeStrategy available in Europe! A Retriever Portfolio in One ETF

Imagine, that your Dad or cousin didn’t invest in that pharma stock a while ago that initially surged, then stagnated and in the end underperformed the market.

Because most of them do.

Now, he doesn’t even want to sell it anymore because of the emotional attachment. Imagine he didn’t have to think about when selling or buying. Or even rebalancing.


Optimizing Your Portfolio – How To Pick The Perfect Equity ETF?

If you read about Investing from a US source you know how easy it is to invest in North America.

And yet in Europe and the UK, selecting an Equity ETF can be a bit of a different ballgame.

Not only is Europe more fragmented. For instance, the second-largest ETF provider in the US, Vanguard, doesn’t even cover 5% of the market in Europe. There are also oaspects like currencies or dividends.

But it’s also never been easier to buy ETFs. By doing some initial research you can avoid life-long fees charged by Robo and Human Advisors.

It will make you substantially wealthier.

Top Equity and Bond ETF picks for European and UK Investors (Best UCITS ETFs)

For someone that is not familiar with ETF benchmarks and criteria, selecting an ETF has become somewhat of a headache.

Websites generally list hundreds of ‘curated’ ETFs without any specific methodology on how they are selected.

You can try over-optimizing for a few basis points of performance, but it’s wiser to look at the bigger picture.

Let’s dive into the Best ETFs for European and UK Investors.


Personal Finance as a Gift – Best Books for Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the challenge of finding a great gift for your loved ones.

Why not opt for a personal finance book this year?

Over the last few months, we have compiled reviews of some of the most helpful works on managing money effectively.

There is a range of content, appropriate for readers of different ages, in different situations, and living in various parts of the world.

The Simple Path to Wealth (Book Review)

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins is designed as a one-stop roadmap to financial freedom.

The author created the book for his adolescent daughter, who has little interest in investing and therefore needs an easy, automatic path to achieving her financial goals.

Since its publication in 2016, it has sold over 400,000 times and been translated into several other languages, including Japanese and German.


Cycling Tibetan Heartland – A day from my diary

Tibet was the most rewarding part of all my cycling adventures, not only because of physical challenges.

Spiritual Tibet played a big role.

But I quickly realized other aspects that make it a unique place.

This region is the heartland of Nuclear China and a place with extensive minorities including Hui Muslims and Tu Mongols whose ancestors served in Ghenghi Khan’s army.

But China was also the most challenging country I have cycled in.


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